I’ve never been a big fan of social media. I feel like it’s a bunch of average narcissistic people putting themselves on a pedestal in the most mundane ways. There is literally nothing to gain by going that route.

I’ve always felt like if you want to be a narcissistic prick it’s better to take that urge out in grander ways. Something like having a library, park, school or building named after you. The idea is to do something that benefits others at the same time you take out your urge to praise yourself.

That’s real the dream.

But until that day arrives I have to settle for this.

Today, on July 1st 2014, I’m introducing the Uzair Ahmed Scholarship. The scholarship will be valued at $1000 and awarded once a year to any individual who fits my criteria.

My website made $16 last month in ads so obviously things are going well and it’s time to give back. The whole point of this scholarship is to help people who are like me, with their goals of pursuing higher education.

Now when I say people who are like myself, it’s very subjective. Obviously I don’t mean they have to be young studs with impeccable taste in suits and cars but they can’t be wearing ratchet shirts or wearing runners with dress pants.


Damn hypocrite.

The idea for this came up after my tipping article where I called servers and bartenders entitled beggars who should get a proper job where they don’t rely on the charity of others.

I mentioned that they should get real jobs instead of complaining and now I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. I’ll help fund their education (if they qualify obviously) with a scholarship.

Off topic; I just came back from Europe where what you see on the menu is exactly what you pay. I’ve never been happier going to a restaurant in my entire life and the service was just as good as it is here.

I’m going to advertise this scholarship mostly on my website as a gift to UTOE readers; there’s not many of you so the odds are in your favor. At least for now.

The scholarship requirements can be found here. If you feel like you would be a good fit you can get the application form by emailing here. The deadline to hand in your application is December 27th. The winner of the scholarship will be notified January 3rd 2015.

If I don’t get enough interest this year or there aren’t any suitable applicants then I will spend the $1000 on out of the money call options. And if it hits you will be hearing about it. So if you don’t want me to potentially make a lot of money then apply!

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